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Dedicated team

Dedicated team

Dedicated Team is a group of developers with a set of specific skills who meet the project and business requirements and are based at offshore production center.

A Dedicated Team works as a natural extension of your own IT department following your processes and best practices. It understands the nature and specifics of your business and duly responds to the frequently changing requirements. A Dedicated Team can be available to you for a fixed monthly fee.

The Dedicated Team model is the most popular one, as it allows you to set up a dedicated offshore operation with the minimum risks. We establish software development teams in Eastern Europe to enable our clients to work directly with the developers, thus reaching the highest level of productivity possible.

We leverage our expertise of the local market to create a pool of candidates whom you will have the possibility of screening personally. Once the manpower is in place, we will simply set up the workplaces and equipment. Everything, from the recruitment process to the operational management, will be handled jointly with you.


  • Operational management, network and IT administration
  • Legal and accounting support in compliance with local law and tax regulations
  • Infrastructure, including office space, workstations, secretarial services, PC repairs
  • Staff management, coaching and supervision
  • HR and recruitment activities, including advertising, pre-screening, interviewing
  • Startup support and consulting about the best existing practices for managing remote development teams

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