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Advanced Autopilot API
Your reliable automotive integration for autopilot and road traffic assistant

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Connected autopilot of vehicle

We are developing new assistant technologies that will make autopilot more safer to use in real life. Implemented blockchain-based decentralized road traffic system for vehicles assistants.

Real-time traffic information

Integrating navigation systems with cloud-based location platforms for better routing and path guidance

Precise GPS locations

Collecting and aggregating data on car locations using GPS and lane calculations for precise positioning

Map compilation

Accelerating map compilation while complying with all NDS formats

Features We Offer

Our algorithms allow to get the info about traffic for your autopilot in real-time and quickly and in advance respond to traffic events (flashing traffic lights or red lights of a traffic light) to prevent accidents.

Components of our system:

⁃ traffic lights intersections (controllers),
⁃ servers of authorized services with our software pre-installed;
⁃ Automotive companies using our API.

Our automotive navigation software development services

CarLite service is using of the most innovative  navigation solutions for connected cars and  autonomous driving. We build on our expertise in navigation development and vehicle routing services to produce real-time and centimeter-accurate end to end solutions that ensure secure navigation. All features will be aligned with Navigation Data Standard (NDS) and proprietary formats to ensure the is always clear and safe for customers.

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